Guru Poornima

Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima Guru Poornima


“Guru is Aspiration

Guru is Inspiration”

“Guru always helps one to get the knowledge and stands beside the students when they have problems.”

Gurupoornima is the day to offer the salutations to the gurus for they are the ones who nurture the students. So, as every year in keeping with the tradition of revering gurus for their invaluable contribution in shaping the minds and characters of the young people, our school celebrated the occasion with great zeal and zest on 27th July 2018 (Friday). Being the Ruby year around 50 alumni teachers were invited for Aacharya Vandhana.  Smt. S.S. Tharini, Former Principal, GKSVV and Education Officer of VES lighted the lamp and inaugurated the function. Smt. Mythili Venkatesan chanted Vyasa Ashtothram and the students repeated it and created a serene atmosphere. The Correspondent Sri. S. Gopalakrishnan welcomed the Chief Guest          Sri. T. Chakravarthy, Vice President, VES and the alumni teachers. XII std students performed patha pooja for the Chief Guest, Alumni teachers and GKSVV staff and honoured them.

The Chief Guest Sri. T. Chakravarthy cherished the memories about the alumni teachers for the growth and development of the school. He said that every teacher has kept a stone for making the future pillars of our country. He also thanked the school management for inviting the alumni teachers. He also quoted that a teacher is not the one who teaches the lessons, he is the one who transfers knowledge and creates an impact among the students.

 Smt. Sarasa, Smt. S. S. Tharini, Sri. Thirumurthy and Smt. Parimala shared their unforgettable memories with us. The day was thus truly significant for the GKSVV staff with each member being made to feel special for their role in ensuring their pupils all round development of wellbeing.

The programme came to an end with Shanthi Manthram.


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