• "Let’s go green to make this globe very clean..."

“The care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility  .”


"Make yourselves healthy with fresh vegetables and fruits"
  • Around 70 Roof Top Garden Packages were distributed to our parents on 21.06.2016 in our school premises with the help of Tamilnadu Horticulture Department.
Eco Friendly Activities




Avadi Railway Station

World Environmental Week Celebrations




Poster competition on the topic “ECO FRIENDLY”   was conducted on 16.4.16, around 600 students participated.




To promote recycling and insist zero waste production, 4 tons of waste papers were collected from the children and the same were handed over to ITC. The students were given stationery items and notebooks to replace the waste given by them.



Grandparents of Baladithya and Baradwaj of IX D accepted to donate 100 saplings every month and in turn it will be distributed to students to plant and grow in their homes.

On 06.06.16 (Monday) 100 saplings were distributed to 100 students.

   15.06.16 S.Rithika of VII'A donated a sampling to school.



Around 70 Roof Top Garden Packages were distributed to our parents on 21.06.2016 in our school premises with the help of Tamilnadu Horticulture Department.

V.Rithika of VII'A donated a plant to the school.


S.Yaweenkesh, R.Taarika, S.Vaishnavi, N.Yuvashree of I'D donated plants to the school.

Santhosh of UKG'A donated plant to the school.

  29.06.16 Santhosh of UKG'A donated plant to the school.

A.Venkat Raman of X'B donated a plant to the school garden.

Assembly talk on "Van Mahostav" by S.Abinaya of XI'B1

  02.07.16 Assembly talk on 'Negatively Changing Environment' by W.Jayashree of XI'C
  04.07.16 Sanjay Eshwar of IV'D & Sudharshan of IV'B donated plants to the school.
  05.07.16 V.Lakshman of UKG'A , M.Ananya,S.Sadhana and S.Srinitha of UKG-E donated plants to the school.
  07.07.16 R.Varshini,H.Dharini,G.Vishal of VIII'D and Y.Santhoshraj of IX'D donated plants to the school.
  07.07.16 K.Pritha,K.Pavitha,S.Lithiksha of UKG'A and K.Ajay,M.Sai Krithi of UKG E donated plants to the school.
  07.07.16 Roof top garden started by XII B students.

Baladithya and Baradwaj of IX'D donated 100 saplings to the school.

 Today 50 saplings were distributed to VI std students.

  14.07.16 Assembly talk by K.K.Jayavardhana of X'A on 'Eco Friendly Bio-degradable Plastics'.
  09.08.16 Little Drops Club 2016-17  Inauguration.
  09.08.16 Baladithya and Baradwaj of IX'D donated 100 plants to school.
  10.08.16 Waste papers(1114.3 kg)  given to ITC/WOW/NET  for recyling.


Nandhitha of XII B, participated in Poem writing and won IInd prize from actor Surya in "Pasumai Avadi" Competition.


Wall Painting by our students - To create awareness to the public and to develop the skill of our students.

Baladithya and Baradwaj of IX'D donated 100 saplings to the school.





Students painted on the school compound wall with Go Green Environment themes.


Baladithya and Baradwaj of IX'D donated 100 saplings to the school.

  10.11.16 Tamil Nadu Forest Department  gifted saplings to the artists who painted the school compound wall.
  19.11.16 Our students did projects related to 'Environmental Issues'
  22.11.16 UKG to III std students planted saplings on Tuesday.
  24.11.16 GKSVVJC Young Budding  Artists -  Beautifying Avadi Railway Station.
  03.12.16 CLEANATHON - Children were happily cleaning their classrooms.
  09.01.17 Tamilnadu Forest Departmnt has donated 50 plants to our school and planted 37 in our new ground.
  03.06.17 Grand father of Baradwaj and Baladithya of X D donated Rs.2000 to the school for purchasing tree saplings.
  05.06.17 World Environmental Day Celebrations at O.T.Bus Terminal.
  06.06.17 World Environmental Week Celebration - Students planted tree saplings in the school premises.



1. World Environmental Week Celebration - 63 Roof garden package were distributed to the parents with the support of the Tamilnadu Horticulture Department.

 2. Road safety & Plastic bags awareness programme was conducted by the Traffic Police Officer Mr.Ravi for the students of 8th to 10th std.

08.06.17 Meeting with Shop keepers to avoid plastic bags.
09.06.17 Area wise Students, Teachers and Parents planted 100 saplings in and around Ambattur donated by Baradwaj & Baladithya of XD.
14.06.17 200 plants distributed to LKG and VI std parents on the occasion of Aksharabhyas and Vidya Pravesh respectively. Plants are donated by Selvi.Sanjana, GKSVV, Alumna. 
07.07.17 100 plants were donated by Baladithya & Baradwaj of XD to other school participants of Vigyana Pradarshini.
14.07.17 P.N.Deepak Ram  painting article  - Wall of change came in "The Hindu" news paper. Written by GKSVV alumna Selvi.Subhashree.
 15.07.17  XII B1 & B2 students visited MSSRF and interacted Green Revolutionist, Dr.M.S.Swaminathan.
 02.08.17 Seeds sown in 120 bags of Roof Garden packages by our XI std students. 

Clean India - New India Pledge was taken with Bharath Matha pooja in Various places in and around Ambattur.


Drawing competition was conducted for Parents and Alumni. Totally 17 members participated.


XII B2 students harvested 12 bags of Amaranthus (Red).


Ignited 2017 at Hindu College. Pradeep & Gokul of XI A got 1st Prize in 10 different ways of conservation of Energy Model.


Stagnant water areas in our school are filled with gravel powder by 8th std students and outside workers.


Drawing competition was conducted for XI std students. Topic - Clean India based on the circular from Avadi Municipality.


Quiz competition for VI std was conducted to create awareness on Health & Hygiene.


100 plants donated to Pakkam school.


Drawing competition was conducted for III - V std. Topic - Clean India based on CBSE circular.

28.08.17 Essay writing competition on Clean India was conducted for IX - XII std students.
31.08.17 Clean India Pledge was taken by the students & Teachers in the prayer.
   01.09.17      to      15.09.17 Quotes on cleanliness displayed in all the notice boards and posted in website.                            Everyday 2 teachers checked sanitation in our school and remedies were taken.
01.09.17 Prize distribution to the parents and alumni those who were participated in drawing competition on the topic clean India.
01.09.17 Health officer from IPH (Institute of Public Health) came to our school and created awareness on Dengue to XI & XII std students and inspected entire campus, they didn't find any dengue spreading mosquitos.
   02.09.17        to      04.09.17 Ambattur Railway station Painting by parents and alumni. Topic - Clean India. Contribution of paint and brushes by GKSVV Alumni.
06.09.17 Fogging was done in our school campus by Avadi Municipality.
 07.09.17 Parents meet to create awareness on Dengue and importance of separating Biodegradable & Non - Biodegradable waste by Sanitary Inspector, Avadi Municipality
 09.09.17  Debate on the topic Cleanliness in the hands of Parents or students was conducted.

XI A students cleaned our school campus.

13.09.17 Stagnant water in our school campus were filled with rubbish by using JCB. 
 13.09.17 Fogging was done by Avadi municipality in our school campus. 

Appreciation from Raiway Department came in Twitter for Ambattur Railway station painting.        No.of paintings - 30, No.of  participants - 68, No.of days - 6.

20.09.17 Roof Garden Harvesting was done and collected Radish, Ladies finger & Amaranthus (Green).
 21.09.17 Avadi Municipality people came to Saraswathi Nagar 6th street and removed garbage and Karuvelam trees by using JCB. In that place our students sowed Papaya seeds.
 23.09.17 R.D.Aaditya of XII B2 was selected as one among the top 10 winners, for his Innovative ideas conducted by CSIR - CLRI. Topic - Food & Agriculture  - Removing karuvelam trees and planting Papaya. 
 25.09.17 Sanitary workers from Avadi Municipality and students cleaned our school campus.
03.10.17 Nilavembu kashayam was given to all the students.
05.10.17 Anti Dengue Day was observed with the help of IPH team(8 members) and they cleaned mosquito breeding places.
 07.10.17 Cleanathon - Rally was conducted at Saraswathi Nagar, Around 500 members participated and cleaning work was carried by the students & Parents of that area with the support of Avadi Municipality - 30 sanitary workers and Officials. Sri.Radha Krishnan, Asst.Commissioner of Police, Ambattur was the chief guest.

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